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About the Law Firm and Its Attorneys with
Uncommon Experience

With decades of experience in military, business, administrative, and judicial arenas, the attorneys at Belanger & Rae PLLC are poised to tackle a wide range of complex, high-stakes legal matters.

Both Greg Belanger and Robert B. Rae are former U.S. Navy judge advocates and line officers. Both have the familiarity of an insider in numerous forums, including private law practice, corporate entities, military settings, and federal agencies and courts.

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Greg Belanger

Greg Belanger


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Michael Dorris

Robert B. Rae

Robert B. Rae


Customized Legal Counsel Putting Each Client in a Position of Strength

The merger of these two lawyers' talents and skills in the form of Belanger & Rae PLLC offers potential clients a remarkable opportunity to approach legal controversies well-equipped to prevail. Both attorneys have tried hundreds of civil and criminal cases regarding a wide range of fact scenarios.

Skillful Defense

Every client can count on in-depth, personalized, and well-prepared representation. Whether an individual or business faces corporate, immigration, criminal, administrative, or regulatory challenges, Belanger & Rae PLLC is a powerful resource. We are available to defend clients charged with serious crimes as well as those facing lawsuits and claims of regulation violations.

Preventive Action

Even more importantly, we can guide individuals and organizations proactively to avoid legal troubles. Our law firm helps clients interface with government agencies such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). We advise on compliance with the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), among others.

Prepare to Win

With abundant knowledge and skills acquired through their service in the U.S. Navy, the private sector and federal agencies, Mr. Belanger and Mr. Rae are ready to take on complex civil, administrative and criminal law cases with confidence.

Schedule A Case Review

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Practice Areas

Administrative Law and Regulatory Compliance

Extensive Experience with U.S. Export Law, Licensing, FCPA Compliance

When an individual or business faces administrative law or regulatory issues, answers and reassurance do not come just by following instructions and filling out forms. People who are unaware of common pitfalls and current trends often make mistakes. These errors cost precious time, money, and potentially criminal entanglement. Confusion, hurdles, and roadblocks are common for those dealing with government administrative agencies.

When Legal Counsel Pays for Itself

People often want to avoid legal expenses — understandably. However, even businesses with in-house counsel often realize the need for assistance from an attorney with inside knowledge of a particular government agency, document, or procedure. Trustworthy advice and representation are worth the expense when it accomplishes goals effectively and prevents citations for regulatory violations.

Belanger & Rae PLLC in Washington, D.C., offers smooth and efficient advice and advocacy in administrative and regulatory matters.

  • Export and import of defense goods and services in compliance with rules and guidelines of the Department of State's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and the Department of Commerce as administrated under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).
  • Pursuit of EB-5 immigrant investor visas and other employment and investment-related immigration solutions through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Manufacture and distribution of medications requiring compliance with the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as overseen by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • Employment discrimination and whistleblower cases

Clients of Belanger & Rae PLLC rely on our attorneys' extensive experience in these and other administrative law matters.

Turn to Lawyers with Executive-Level Experience in Administrative Agencies

We have not only represented many people before these and other government agencies, but we have also filled responsible positions in various such agencies. Attorney Robert B. Rae is a retired United States Administrative Law Judge, with direct experience in the DEA, the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). Attorney Greg Belanger was an adjudications officer at USCIS in the investor program offices, where he reviewed EB-5 related petitions and their documentation.

Whatever administrative or regulatory issue you face involving a government agency, you would be hard-pressed to find better prepared attorneys. We also defend individuals and organizations facing criminal investigations and charges.

Tackle an Administrative or Regulatory Matter and Get It Right

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Corporate Law

Sound Guidance Throughout Corporate Formation, Transactions, and Regulatory Compliance

At every stage of corporate life, there are challenges to overcome and pitfalls to avoid along the way to success. Knowledgeable legal counsel is an essential component of the path to achieving objectives.

  • Entity selection
  • Formation
  • Governance
  • Contracts
  • Transactions
  • Regulatory compliance

Clients of Belanger & Rae PLLC often choose this law firm because of our deep experience and detailed knowledge of all things corporate. Our skills include guiding corporations engaged in sensitive matters such as weapons exports or the pharmaceutical trade.

Experience, Preparation, and a Drive to Help Clients Succeed

Corporate lawyer Greg Belanger served as general counsel for a prominent private security firm. In this position, he protected the corporation's interests with regard to contracts, customer relations, vendor interactions, and interactions with other third parties doing business with the company. He also filled several other general counsel positions in foreign countries, primarily in the Middle East and Asia.

Attorneys Greg Belanger and Robert R. Rae have abundant knowledge and experience advising businesses in regulatory compliance and related issues. Many satisfied clients have benefited from a focused, collaborative approach — signature methods of this law firm. Clients and attorneys work closely together to devise and implement the most appropriate, protective, and cost-efficient corporate law solutions.

Turn to a Skilled Corporate Law Attorney for Clear Guidance

Unsure about corporate governance or transaction regulations? Schedule a case review with a knowledgeable Washington, D.C., lawyer about any such matters. Call Belanger & Rae PLLC at (202) 434-8209 or inquire online for a prompt, thoughtful response.

Criminal Law

All Phases: Federal Investigations, Internal Investigations, Grand Jury, Indictment And Trial

Criminal defense attorneys often cite previous experience as prosecutors as proof of their experience in court environments. At Belanger & Rae PLLC, our lawyers have also been judges in military and federal administrative court settings, prosecutors, and defense counsel in the military, federal, and state courts. Greg Belanger and Robert B. Rae are retired U.S. Navy judge advocates. In this capacity, both have worked in high-risk, pressurized circumstances while weighing the ins and outs of law and fact scenarios of criminal cases involving charges of:

  • Murder and other violent crimes
  • Weapons violations
  • Drug crimes (including representation before the Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA])
  • Misdemeanors
  • White-collar crimes (FCPA, ITAR, tax, embezzlement)

Whatever criminal matter threatens your freedom and future, we encourage you to choose your defense law firm carefully. Belanger & Rae PLLC offers benefits for criminal defense clients.

  • Our attorneys' experience in defense industry-related work in various capacities
  • Our readiness to engage outside sources as needed to streamline cases, strengthen clients' cases and save them on legal fees

If the risk of public exposure is critical for your career or personal life, we are prepared to protect and restore your reputation.

Getting the best results achievable in your case is the most important way to mitigate any damage caused by your criminal arrest.

Whatever the specifics of your criminal law matter, if Belanger & Rae PLLC is your defense firm, we will do all that we can to protect your legal rights at every stage of the proceeding.

Defense Attorneys are Available to Advise You Now

Belanger & Rae PLLC can be a valuable ally beginning right away after a criminal arrest or during an investigation. Call us in Washington, D.C., at (202) 851-2543 or send your name and contact information through our online intake form for a prompt response.

Immigration: EB-5 and Developer Applications

EB-5 Investor and Developer Petitions; Family Immigration (Bangkok)

Individuals, families, and businesses from abroad can invest in the U.S. economy while obtaining green cards or nonimmigrant visas, depending on the amount and type of investments made, among other factors.

Money does not guarantee a successful application. Following correct legal processes is essential. Foreign investors seeking to establish themselves as developers soon realize they need quality legal advice and representation to maximize their chances of reaching their goals.

Belanger & Rae PLLC in Washington, D.C., offers confident, effective guidance for EB-5 applicants, developer and regional center applicants, E-2 investment visa seekers, and others with immigration goals. Attorney Greg Belanger's strengths in this area of the law include his previous work experience as an adjudications officer at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the investors' program offices. In this position, he reviewed hundreds of EB-5 investor and developer petitions, including approval of necessary components.

  • I-924 Project exemplar plans
  • Project Documents
  • I-526 Petitions and source of funds

His experience, along with the firm's track record of success in administrative law practice, inspire confidence in clients. Mr. Belanger applies detailed knowledge of requirements, procedures, and precautions in his immigration practice. He can advise clients of Belanger & Rae PLLC on all aspects of the USCIS EB-5 investor program requirements for individual petitioners and developers.

Belanger & Rae PLLC also advises applicants of E-2 visas and other immigration solutions related to investment and job creation.

Belanger & Rae PLLC maintains offices in Bangkok, Thailand, and also accepts family immigration clients requiring I-130 or K-1 petition servicing, I-601 and I-212 waivers of inadmissibility, and can assist with nonimmigrant applications B-1 (business), B-2 (tourist).

Employment-Based EB-5 Regional Center and Investor Immigration Advice and Assistance

Contact an experienced immigration lawyer in Washington, D.C., to explore options such as the EB-5 investor or developer petitions. Call (202) 434-8209 or send your contact information in an email inquiry to start the conversation.